another church is possible!

2019 friendly fire retreat  //  june 17-20th  //  so-called minneapolis

Applications to attend the 2019 retreat are due on Monday, April 30th. Apply here!

Friendly Fire Collective, Christians for Socialism, and the Minneapolis Catholic Worker joyfully announce our second annual retreat--Another Church is Possible: Militant Discipleship, Dual Power, and the End of the World.

Global systems of domination keep us isolated. Capitalism, white supremacy, cisheteropatriarchy, ableism, and christian hegemony violently tear our communities apart. The church has for too long perpetuated these power structures—but we will not.

Our interconnectedness and intimacy are powerful weapons in the struggle for liberation. These connections must be strengthened and refined.

We must practice uncompromising dedication to one another, forged in the fires of solidarity. We must build our lives around the material support of people who have been violently targeted by dominant powers. Our lives depend on it. We must break out of our lives of isolation and build up lives of discipline, connection, kindness, and mutual aid in the commune.

It’s time to discover what faithfulness looks like in the commune.

Join us this summer on our second annual retreat! June 17-20th, revolutionary leftists of faith from across the so-called United States will gather on the occupied land of the Dakota Nation, commonly known as Minnesota, to actualize this vision of the commune.

We will join together as a multifaith community to pray, prophesy, and worship. We will learn from one another through workshops and through the simple intimacy of sharing a life for four days. We will strengthen our relationships and networks and build new ones.

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